21 February 2007

Hello? anyone home at Worldspan?

While Rome is burning, Nero is fiddling.

Someone is asleep at the switch again in Atlanta. Why did they give up so easily?
Tsk Tsk, this is a waste of a good relationship. But do not fear - when all is said and Done Expedia will have all 3 GDSs where it wants them. Sabre/Worldspan (aka Travelport-Galileo) in the USA and Amadeus in Europe and Asia. The new millenium version of the giant switch will enable them to move connections between GDS vendors and suppliers direct at will. T2 has been advocating this approach for many years and finally it looks like some people are catching up. Welcome to the club Expedia!

Finally the boys in Bellevue will be doing something right...

SABRE NOW PROCESSES the majority of Expedia's bookings in the U.S.," according to Sabre Travel Network spokeswoman Kathryn Hayden. That's a milestone in Expedia.com's relationship with Worldspan, which for years had the sole franchise on Expedia.com's GDS bookings. In fact, with Sabre now processing bookings for Expedia.com and another Worldspan partner, Priceline.com, Sabre Travel Network's consumer online transactions grew 81.3% to 19.1 million in fourth-quarter 2006.

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