28 March 2007

All that glitters... the sad market for Canada

Canadian Flyers - listen up... you WILL be paying more for your tickets.

The notoriously fickle Canadian market claimed another victim. Harmony Airlines will end all scheduled traffic on April 9th. While not a bankruptcy like CanJet or some of the other players in recent years - you can be assured that the prices in Canada will edge higher in the coming months. Sadly for border passengers on both the north and south sides - there is no real relief from hopping over the border to a nearby airport either. The restrictions at border crossings such as the Peace Arch in Blaine Washington mean that it is no easy deal to use a nearby airport.

Surely the duopoly enjoyed by WestJet and Air Canada should encourage the opportunity for another airline to make it - at least in niches. Sadly not so.

Even on the competitive transatlantic market we see little local competition.

For the Summer 2007 both Zoom Airlines and Globespan offer prices significantly below that of behemoth Air Canada or Charter favorite Air Transat. In our brief search we found prices 40-50% below for comparable routings YVR-LON/AMS/MAN/CDG.

Well - you could emigrate to another duopoly market like Australia. At least the cents per mile are a little cheaper. And of course its a tad warmer



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