30 March 2007

Baseball Season's here again - banning transfats

This has very little to do with Travel and Distribution in particular but I could not resist.

Being a somewhat occasional US resident (heck I do more than the required IRS days out of the country to be officially regarded as Stateless!) I really enjoy spending a few relaxing hours at the ballpark. My home team is nothing to write home about and let’s hope that this "rebuilding" year is more productive than the last 2.

They have just banned Transfats at my local stadium. Great. But that got me thinking how much the airlines could do to ban the evil stuff. Suffering (genetically AND from a so-so diet) from high cholesterol I have to say that airlines could do a lot more about banning the stuff. So here is what I want you to do airlines. BAN TRANSFATS and all snacks containing them. Yes that means Southwest will probably need to find a new peanut vendor.



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