17 March 2007

Contribute to Global Warming - Dress up!

OK - i am really advocating the reverse. DON'T wear suits and be more casual and you will reduce global warming.

Its time to think of a lot more ways to get creative about how we can all reduce our carbon footprint. Here are some suggestions:

1. Park your suits. The process of dry cleaning adds significantly to warming. Chemicals are bad used in this process not to mention the heat.
2. Move to low wattage bulbs across your house. AND remove one light permenantly.
3. Car pool at least once a month with someone different. If you already do this find another partner to car pool with, if you dont find someone. In the USA for example you can sign up with RideShare organizations.
4. Turn down your thermostat one degree.
5. Run on your battery more frequently when using a laptop
6. Find a creative way to not use energy other than human (eg WALK!)



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