05 April 2007

BA Bags... Stardate 4-1-2007

No this is not the April fool's joke.

BA lost over 1 million bags last year based on 36 million passengers. So lets assume that on average one bag for every 1 people is checked. That means that the airline looses one bag for every 36 that it handles. Either way you cut it that's a pretty poor number. So what was BA's answer to this problem? New baggage procedures including limiting the the number of bags to be checked etc. Oh yes and lets not forget the outsourcing of bags at LHR.

What is our insight into this?

You have a 1 in 36 chance of having your bag not arrive with you on BA. But wait... just dont forget that you are ONLY allowed 1 carry on at/in/through LHR. So that means that now you have a really tough time.

So BA - do you think this is a good number? Or should you perhaps recall some of those baggage handlers you let go and SOLVE the problem. Of course let's not ask the question whether the percentage of bags lost affected the back of the bus passengers or the front more?

Having had my bag either damaged, destroyed, delayed and well mis-routed countless times on BA, I can tell you that in my experience it is better not to fly on BA if you can possibly avoid it. Particularly if you are transiting or leaving from LHR.

And this is no joke. BA fix this PLEASE

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Meme chose said...

BA cannot and will never fix this because who works in baggage handling is controlled by the (corrupt) unions.

As recent events show, BA is at their mercy every day, and gets to actually fly only when they allow it.