03 April 2007

In like a Lion - out like a Lamb - BA signs WSP deal

Well clearly someone caved... and pretty quickly.

Given that most of the WSP management are lame ducks I suspect no one had the energy or inclination for a battle so they basically took what BA offered them and rolled over.

So interestingly this looks a heck of a lot like last year when AA was making nasty noises about Sabre and sidling up to WSP. Look how that changed. Now the ONLY GDS not signed up is Amadeus. I doubt that there is going to be a huge fight there. BA has still many years to run on its Res hosting contract (remember that Altea is in fact -according to some - just a sooped up version of BABS.

Reading the press release... there are the same superlative words like "Preferred" How BA can give all 4 GDS the same status is of course beyond the logic of mere mortals like you or I.

I do wonder what happened to that scrappy old Worldspan of yore?

Soon to be swallowed into the Blackstone debt laden abyss

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