24 May 2007

For Airbus - what is the compensation for the delay of the Whaleliner?

Disclaimer - this blog entry is pure speculation on our part. However we believe the numbers to be accurate for the aircraft concerned.

For some time we have been trying to assess the likely impact to Airbus customer airlines for the delays. We now believe that the offer is pretty clear. It is a 5% free off IF a further aircraft is purchased. Rather a kind of buy one get one free to the affected airlines. We know that Virgin has opted to take a delay with a small compensation. However for the major players this translates into bolstering the order book. As a result We estimate that a total of 18 aircraft will be added to the production order book as a result of this special offer. Not quite compensation for the cancellations of the Freighter version of which 20 were ordered but then cancelled by UPS and Fedex.

T2 estimates that the current order book changes (prior to the Paris Airshow) will be as follows:
EK +4 (announced), AF +2 (announced) QF +8 (of which 2 will be compensation - announced), We believe that ILFC and SQ will announce 2 additional orders each. LH will add 3 with one a piece going to KE, TG and MH. A possibility exists that QR and EY will vie to order at least one a piece. However it is wrapped up into whether the orders for A350s will be made permenant. We dont think the (at least 1) private A380 will actually be taking up the twofer deal. Total cost at book value to Airbus in these special deals will be over 2.2 Billion Euros.

Airbus is planning some blockbuster announcements for Paris. Some of those orders will be part of these deals we believe. Boeing will be low key as they have been having a lot of basking in the sun at Airbus' expense of late.

Stay tuned. This could be fun



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