03 May 2007

Infogluttony = Time Famine and Email Bankruptcy

I read with interest the declining readership of Local Newspapers in the USA - its a worldwide trend. Print media is in decline. Conventional Broadcast media is also in steep decline as fragmentation takes hold. While we all multi-task there comes a point when we cannot do everything during a 24 hour day, more distractions arrive - New Blogs, Wikis and yes Youtube.

So what are we to do?

While I have long lobbied for a 32 hour day no one seems to be interested in that idea - Swatch had a good one – break the day into a different unit called Beats but that did as well as Esperanto. I have even tried sleeping less hours. My sleep bank has been in a state of overdraft for many years now.

The problem is there is TOO much information and too much that we need to process. I call this infogluttony and its leading to the two newest trends. Time Famine and Email bankruptcy.

The former is when you simply run out of time. Whether you blame it on too much info, or too much process (driven by PC -Politically Correct- requirements or even regulatory needs such as SOX rules), we are all screwed. Thinking freely and expressing yourself freely is no longer allowed. You have to be careful not to speak ill and anyone seen wearing a "Nuke the gay whales for Jesus" T shirt is likely to be lynched. That all takes time and extra thought.

The latter is when you just start over. A good friend of mine who works at Customer Service at a certain large LCC did this several years ago. She simply changed her email account and closed it down. Several members of the T2 family tired of spam have done the same. Its rather a scary thing. I registered timothyo at many different email accounts - the spammers don’t even need to steal my accounts - they just guess - like Frankb or Billg.

So if ANYONE out there has an answer for this - PLEASE come and get me. I am seriously considering running away from all this. Thank god my Blackberry works just about anywhere now



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