20 June 2007

Airlines - So you think you are doing OK - 2006 Numbers

Accoding to ICAO the airlines FINALLY made a profit in 2006. $2.7Bn give or take the odd lost bag. Well how does that stack up against hotels? No so good... about 11% of hotels' profits give or take the odd missing bathrobe. For hotels; revenues increased by 8.7% from the $122.7 billion generated in 2005 and profits increased 17.9%, up from $22.6 billion last year.

For exact details see:

ICAO - http://www.icao.int/cgi/goto_m.pl?icao/en/nr/2007/pio200703_e.pdf
For STR - http://www.hotelnewsresource.com/article28028.html

TSK... TSK... there needs to be a better ROI.



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