29 June 2007

Shock Horror, LHR Owner admits its "Old and Dirty"

In a by line from the Gaurdian Newspaper of today - 29 Jun 2007
Ferrovial, the Spanish construction group that owns BAA, claims the Civil Aviation Authority is not doing enough to incentivise it to invest in Heathrow Airport.

Those of you who follow some of our personal trials and tribulations of travel through the world's busiest international gateway, know full well what we think of LHR. It is a disgrace. Check out this clip on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwB4G7XxyRI

Attempting to deflect the mounting customer and user criticsm the new owner of LHR operator BAA is trying to push the blame onto the HM Government. Sorry - but no dice here. BAA you have milked this cash cow for way too long. Now you have to pay the price.

There is a great article in this month's ATW on the subject: http://www.atwonline.com/magazine/article.html?articleID=1959

Having an Airport Operators License doesnt mean you can rape the customers.

Perhaps Mr O'Leary will get a little credit for his battle with Aer Rianta (operator of Dublin's airport).



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