13 July 2007

Statement of Authenticity - Blog Policy for this site

Every once is a while it is important to understand the perspective and authority of the source. So for the benefit of the loyal readers out there (and even if you are only an occasional reader) - I would like to layout our policy for this blog.

We promise to write only accurate information
We promise to try and separate information from opinion
We promise to try and cite accurately the source material if there is a reference.

That's it.

I am the chief writer for this blog but we do have occasional guest writers. So the opinions expressed are those of T2Impact not of anyone else unless specifically so stated. If we screw up we take full responsibility for it. And if this happens we will print a retraction or correction.

If you ever want to comment - please feel free. If you wish to contact me you can reach me on skype - timothyo or via email: timothyo@t2impact.com

Thanks for reading


Timothy O'Neil-Dunne
Managing Partner
T2Impact Ltd
+1 302 351 6119

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