07 July 2007

UI/UE debate on WIWIH

Max Starkov and co are running a Hospitality website called WIWIH. http://www.wiwih.com/

Fairly typical of different hotel discussion groups. However one debate caught my eye - UI.

The topic is: WIWIH Poll - Do you think that One-Screen/Flash booking engines (e.g. iStay-iHotelier) are better than the traditional step-by-step booking engines (e.g. Expedia's, Marriott's, SynXis')? I have a passionate belief that the end of the life cycle of the current explicit User Experience is in sight. Whether of course it is adopted remains to be seen. Sadly the whole advent of Mashups and Web2.0 technologies (if you can call them that) has actually done a dis-service to the market by prolonging the lifespan of the current metaphors. IE you can get away with continuing with the same old clunky back ends because there is a few bolt on extras and some nice lipstick for the old pigs. Check out the debate. (Sorry you have to sign up)


I do hope that people are listening/reading - because this is something that is the pachyderm on the table. We do need new engines and the current UI/UE metaphor is going to go away. Of course I don’t have to pay for this - but doesn’t mean I am not going to push for it.



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