09 July 2007

You never had it so good - Just ask Delta

There are probably a lot of people out there who have signed up for Delta's weekly email fares notifications. Well at least twice in the last month - they have sent out a spectacular email with... no special airfares.

So one can conclude that either those nice people in the ATLHQ are getting lazy or life is just too good for words. I am actually in the latter camp. For the last year (I keep a log of all the emails I get from each carrier) i have actually had only 5 specials from my home town.

Here is the exact text from their email of today...

Below are your Weekly Fare Specials. All fares require a Saturday departure and return travel on either Monday or Tuesday. Take advantage of these exclusive online offers listed below and earn miles with Delta.
Looks like we're not running any special fares for you this week but maybe you will see a great deal for your family or friends. Take a look and let them know.

Looks like things are good at the moment for the airlines – we all know how miserable it is for the passengers (yes even I had to spend the night on the floor in ATL) ..... But will it last.


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