15 September 2007

Stupid Visa Tricks Stops Brit Pop Invasion. Bush Adminstration Breathes Sigh of Relief

The Bush Administration and its new tool for foreign policy - the DHS/U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services - are doing more for American Isolation than the Hoover Administration or any of the inter-world war policies. New "anti-terrorist" rules are ensnaring artists in today's popular culture of music. British Bands like the Klaxons (very good BTW) and Lily Allen are being denied visas - in some cases even being turned away at arrival airports. Of course this is stupid and of course this was never supposed to happen. But it is.

As a naturalized US citizen - this writer is grateful for the opportunity that I have received. However that does not preclude me from being critical of the current Bush Administration, nor do I agree with some of the draconian regulations that now dog the process of getting even to visit (for a holiday)the good ole US of A. Many countries (Brazil for example) actively cite the US policies for raising barriers for US passport holders to enter their countries. From bitter personal experience I can assure you that it is complicated and expensive to get all these visas. I have to constantly maintain more than 1 passport (yes its legal under exceptional circumstances) for the visas I need.

Lets all just hope that the next Administration brings some sanity to the whole process. Sadly I dont think that this is likely. Personally I resign myself to the unpleasantness of the process and mourn the loss of cultural interaction. Thank god for the Internet. At least its (still) democratic and open - for all its anarchic origins.



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