17 October 2007

Detla and Air France announce new Atantic JV

Delta Airline and Air France have just announced the first major foray into the transatlantic Open Skies venture. By making it a JV they resolve any issues about how it will be operated.

Initially covering JFK-ORY, JFK-LYS, and of course JFK-LHR and ATL-LHR. 3 new slots at LHR will be accomodated by Air France surrendering some of its slots to Delta who will operate the service.

Reported by both CNN.com and USA Today - the deal has been in the works for some time and will start in March 2008 and run for 8 years. It will eventually the joint venture is expected to increase revenues, competition and customer travel choices on key routes across the Atlantic.

The first phase will begin April 2008 and will include all non-stop flights operated by Air France and Delta between Air France's Paris-CDG, Orly, and Lyon hubs, and Delta's Atlanta, New York - JFK, Cincinnati and Salt Lake City hubs. It will also include flights operated by both carriers between London-Heathrow and the U.S.A combined 19 daily flights and more than 4,500 seats per day -- a 45% increase -- are expected to be part of the first phase of implementation.

Specifics about the SLC-LON service has not yet been clarified.

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