11 November 2007

Diller's Empire starts to unravel, Marriage to Malone on the rocks?

In a story initially put out by the WSJ and then syndicated and picked up by such papers as the Seattle Times - titled:

Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Barry Diller and John Malone made a fortune
together. Now they may be headed for a split

There has been quite a lot of speculation about how the House that Diller built has lost much of its luster. Now it could be that Barry and John are going to split. John wants out and the two could be said to be negotiating a split.

Stay tuned but the likely outcome is a lot more pruning of the tree and someone's ego is going to get bruised.

Even as Expedia powers ahead with good results - the yield declines are not making the stock rise much despite the massive buy backs. True it is up nearly 100% on the full 12 months. We shall see....

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