22 November 2007

Government to press ahead with 3rd Runway at LHR

Heathrow's slow decline into a third world airport may come to an arresting end by 2020. This news comes none too soon as the airport faces competition from all corners.

Logically there is no where for the airport to expand than by wiping out the community of Sipson and over 700 homes. So the battle lines are now being drawn. The environmentalists and those whose homes are going to be affected versus the Airlines, the Government, and the TUC representing the direct 180,000 jobs at the airport.

But let's consider what will be the case by 2020. FRA may well have 5 runways by then. Munich will have 4 possibly more. AMS will have 6, CDG 6 etc, etc. That's not all - Jebel Ali in Dubai will be in full swing with modern facilities on a much larger area footprint than poor old Spanish owned LHR even with its new terminal 5 and proposed terminal 6. (No I didnt forget the new replacemen for T2).

However NOT doing it would in the words of BAA "If nothing changes, Heathrow's status as a world class airport will be gradually eroded - jobs will be lost and the economy will suffer. London and the UK's nations and regions alike are reliant on the good international connections that the Heathrow hub provides. "

From a point of reference however I cannot support the notion that air and noise pollution wont increase. That is BS.

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