25 December 2007

Did the Rabbi steal Christmas - You be the judge

Last year (December 2006) Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky got his 10 minutes of fame for asking for equal time for a Menorah to be displayed at SEATAC during the holiday season. The result? The Port of Seattle removed all Christmas trees from the airport in a story that reverberated round the web mostly for its absurdity.
This year - 2007 - we have a very imaginative (not) display of unidentified trees and snow making. With nary a religious nor festive symbol or icon in sight.
So congrats to the Port of Seattle for being overly PC. Congrats to the Rabbi for ensuring that Seattle will NEVER have a festive icon or remotely religious symbol of any kind in its airport.

Next year we will have scenes from the Grinch and a permanent display of Jim Carey to guide us through our holiday (non-festive) season.

And so for everyone - Merry Christmas from all of us at T2. No matter what your religion, or preferences are - you are always welcome with us. Revel in your individuality and lets enjoy our differences rather than hiding them!

Cheers and to all a good night!


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