27 December 2007

New Words for 2008

Troogle -
"n1" Google's cash sucking sound from the Aviation, Travel and Tourism Sector.
"n2" Previously a secret search project inside Google now just their cash register.

"v3" as in "I am troogled by this..." Getting into trouble with Google and loosing certain privileges.

"v1" as in "I used to have a reasonable competitive niche until Air France/KLM came in and bought my competitor - now I am in deep Hushanga."

"v1 - usually past tense" as in - "I got a great deal on Ryanair only to pay more than twice the amount of fares, taxes and fees for Baggage Handling, Check-in and a measly cup of coffee."

"n1" the new color pseudo eco friendly brands like to paint themselves in to make them sound and look like they are really helping the planet. Can also be a verb.

"v1" usually past tense - the state used to describe any situation that occurs to American or other nationalities after they encounter a problem directly related to the current lame duck administration of G. W. Bush. ... as in "my vacation to Europe was great except the prices really bushed me". See also former words like "Roved and Libied"

"v1" usually past tense - the state you feel when you realized you have been shot.

"v1" meaning mislead - synonym. As in "Wow I was really wolfowitzed that time."
"n2" meaning I am in total control here and do not interfere in my activities. Usually used to describe the actions of a person who does not like interference. As in "He is being a real Paul Wolfowitz with the board".

"n1" This decades version of Gekko as in Gordon.

"n1" The massive Google corporate campus that is making 1 Microsoft Way look like a subdivision.

"v1" To be acquired by Singapore.

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