24 April 2007

Bravo FareCompare - Airlines Worst Nightmare revealed

I am a huge fan of smart people who can work the system to their advantage. One of the last bastions of the airline old school system has finally been publically breached. FareCompare has actually called the airlines bluff.


Read the article and start collecting the bonus certificates. It will take a few weeks for the airlines to start reacting. But NOW they also have a new tool to change their fares. It makes reading fare notices from ATPCo even more fun.

Sadly the fix will be that the airlines will "cheat" and push out the effective dates of the fare change so this "freebie" process will only work for a short time. But its still a great day that the consumer is able to compete on fair terms with the airlines historical obfuscation processes.

Again - Bravo to Neil and Rick!

Gentlemen my hat is off to you