07 January 2008

Mass Confusion at UK Airports with new bag rules

Congrats to the UK Powers that be and the airlines for not being smart.

As a result you have 2 separate sets of rules to check before you can know if you have the ability to carry on 2 bags.

So here are the T2 recommended rules to live buy.
1. CHECK the airline's policy for the specific airport you are using
2. Don't believe what people tell you - check with the airline via the phone
3. Don't assume that the rules are the same as the USA - they are not.

The following airports from today (Jan 7th) have the ability to allow up to 2 pieces per pax. UK airports that are now kitted out to cope the new regime include; London Heathrow, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Inverness. Easyjet has said only a single piece no matter which airport (specifically this means Gatwick pax are screwed.)

Stansted is TBD as are other UK airports. Changes are supposed to be in place "later this year". Remember that Stansted has absolutely NO PLANS for an IRIS fast track retina scan system. So chances for a 2 bag limit being in place before summer is remote.



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