17 January 2008

Ryanair to Scrapers - DON'T!

Ryanair is getting tough with agents again. Despite conciliatory noises from Easyjet to open the door to the Travel Trade - Ryanair is talking tough (probably with a few expletives thrown in!)

Rather than just hitting the agencies themselves they are targeting selective technology providers. We understand that Comtec and Traveltek were both selected out for action. The latter (who also powers Dolphin Dynamics scraper) represents about 70 UK Travel Agencies. Said that last year 30,000 clients booked through the system.

Ryanair clearly doesn't care. With 50 million total pax flown this is an insignificant number.

Clearly this represents the difference and divergence of the models being pursued by the 2 leading LCCs. We have said many times that the LCC model itself will fracture and that the purists will continue to defend their direct channels to the consumer. The Hybrid Value Carriers - HVCs, and we clearly see that EasyJet fits that profile, are going to start doing certain things like opening up subtle avenues in the travel trade channels.

Michael O'Leary to the Travel Trade - 2 fingers up!

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