10 January 2008

USAF Boeing F-15s found with issues

From today's Seattle PI:

Unauthorized components found on grounded F-15 jets
About 40 percent of F-15s grounded after a crash in November have major structural components that don't meet original manufacturing specifications, the Air Force said Wednesday.
Air Force inspectors determined that 183 of 442 Boeing aircraft that remain grounded have at least one structural component "that does not meet blueprint specifications," the service said.
The Air Force said 60 percent of the fighters grounded since the Nov. 2 accident have been cleared for flight after intense inspections.

This is somewhat scary for everyone because it meant that the primary front line Air Superiority fighter has been grounded for over 2 months. During that inspection time many parts were found to differ from the Blueprint.

While the F-15 is quite an old aircraft dating from the 1970s - it is pretty solid. What is perhaps worrying is that Boeing's process allowed these issues to emerge. What does it say about the current Boeing commercial and military aircraft projects?

To be fair this was a project from MDC not Boeing. But is this a common practise?

Lets hope not


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