27 February 2008

Congratulations to Heifer International

I am a huge fan of sustainability in development. And despite being in the Travel and Tourism business – I am a big fan of programs that enable people to help themselves. For the past several years we have supported Heifer International as a part of both the T2 and my personal annual charity activity. I have encouraged clients and other members of the T2 team to do the same. Now comes news that they have been recognized with a grant from the Gates Foundation. Here is the official blurb:

On January 25, Heifer announced a four-year $42.8 million grant from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to fund a project to help poor rural farmers in East Africa double their incomes by increasing their production of high quality raw milk to sell to dairies. This is the largest single grant in Heifer's history

I urge you to sign up with Heifer. It is probably one of the most effective forms of giving out there.

Cheers and thanks


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