20 February 2008

IF you are so inclined... Send your comments to the EC Parliament on the new Code

The EC Code of Conduct has been prepared by Jacques Barrot and his team. Despite a lot of opposition to the plan and new code from the broad spectrum of the industry, the new code seems to favor European based GDS companies.

Since there is only one of these animals - it would seem to focus on the benefit to them.

Regular readers know that I am against half hearted regulation. Either manage or don't. As Ted Turner used to have on his desk a sign that said "Either lead, follow or get out of my way", this is a good place to pay attention to that advice.

If you would like to add your voice to this poorly defined legislation - then I suggest going here:

While I have a lot of respect for M Barrot - I believe that here he has been misled. At least they could have joined the rest of the world and called the class GDS... rather than CRS which still persists in the legislative text.

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