25 February 2008

New Brazillian Airline - the Richard and David show?

Rampant rumours floating around concerning a possible new airline to start in Brazil with David Needleman and Richard Branson as investors.

While it would seem to make sense - this has to be a little on the outside of credibility. Why don't I think this will fly?


Brazil is a notorious pit of failed airlines. But $200 million is a nice round number.
The purported plan for Embraer E Jets flying all over the country would be rather nice.
But I think TAM and GoL might have something to say about this. With landing slots at both Sao Paolo airports pretty tight, anything else is going to be tough.

Anyway the rumour of adding Branson to the mix would create even greater mystique. But what would they call it? Virgin Blue is already taken. Jet Virgin seems to be somewhat prosaic how about Virgin Agogo. Yes - that will do nicely.


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