14 February 2008

Open Skies - US and OZ but with a catch

Australia and the US have announced a new Open Skies agreement. But it comes with a little catch. It is bilateral only.

It is really interesting to see that one of the first truly large scale (seventh freedom) Open Skies agreements came between the UK and Singapore, it becomes effective March 30th. However this OZ-US arrangement will effectively hamper Singapore's efforts to open up SQ service from Oz to the US west coast. Ditto the UK will not be able to operate freely from US to OZ despite having operated 7th Freedom right services in the 80s and 1990s as a code share.

One of these days we will see the USA operate a truly Open Skies agreement worldwide with fully all freedom's One through Eight. So US Congress - put your money where your mouth is....

But then I am only an analyst.

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