18 March 2008

Be Careful Delta - What you wish for may actually happen.

Delta offers voluntary severance to 50 percent of all employees.

Wait that's 50%????

According to a story posted on WSJ.com this is what Delta is offering. a 5% cutback of domestic flying (in addition to their 11% last year). That is a pretty significant change and represents a major shift in the staffing of the airline. However this comes at a time of difficulty. Clearly we don't know the terms but there is a looming shortage of Pilots in the US and in particular at Delta.

I doubt we will see this replicated across the board but I do believe that airline lemming mentality will cause some of the other airlines to do something similar. A warning though goes with this. If you don't take the severance package, then your job is not safe.

These are exciting if not scary times.

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