30 March 2008

Gotta Love Bush....

I would like to thank the president for disrupting my journey this week. He made a quick trip to Pittsburgh which resulted in complete chaos for that city's commuters and a 45 minute shut down of the airport.

This is the first time I have seen or even heard of this process. Apparently regular mortals are not allowed anywhere near Air Force One.

This was the sequence of events:

He lands in the late afternoon for a quick presentation to an individual who had done sterling work in Africa. Landing closed the airport for a short time while AF1 taxied to a remote part of the massive airport complex. Bush's motorcade then closed down traffic as it went to its 2 stops. Then back out to the airport closing all roads on the West Side of Pittsburgh. A journey that should take about 45 mins in traffic lasted 2. So scraping into the airport we all dutifully board our flights (there were about 10 planes in total waiting) we have to wait until Bush gets back there and then takes off back to DC.

Not that this would be confined to Bush alone, I am sure other president's have done the same thing.

President Bush met with Lydia Humenycky when he hopped off Air Force One at Pittsburgh International Airport on a stopover for a Republican fundraiser. (This was the intro paragraph for the news story on AP). And so she should be honored. But isn't this thing done usually at the White House? Then it was off to a quick fundraiser. Er - so the REAL reason for the trip was a fundraiser. Is this the best use of Government resources? If that total expenditure of funds (just out of pocket) had been donated to the fundraiser it would have saved us all money....

So like I said - Gotta love Bush and the system that allows such profligate expenditure and waste. So thanks GWB. Next time do send me some advance notice on the disruption so we can AVOID YOU!


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