18 March 2008

They are falling like flies.... for Amadeus

SAS is falling for Amadeus. After pronouncing words in private that sounded like hell would freeze over before they would let themselves fall into the Amadeus camp, Robin Kamark has indeed signed a deal with Amadeus.

So another one bites the dust. Now will Amadeus finally step up to the plate and bring on more resources to accommodate all these airlines?

Let's hope so for the customers sake.



Here is part of the PR.

The SAS Group has signed a letter of intent with Amadeus, one of the leading suppliers of global distribution systems and IT solutions in the airline industry.

The letter of intent means that parts of the SAS commercial IT platform will be replaced. These include sales, booking, ticketing, check-in and load-control. The new and modern systems are standardized and easier to use, in addition travel agencies will be able to access the lowest fares with SAS through Amadeus.

"This letter of intent provides the SAS Group the possibility to offer our customers innovative solutions during the years ahead. It will be easy to find a good-value alternative. In addition, the agreement will include considerably reduced distribution costs," said Robin Kamark, Senior Vice President, Airline Commercial, SAS Group.

"This has been a long process and we are now looking forward to the next step in this expanded cooperation."

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