20 March 2008

They said they wouldn't but now they did. BA ups IB Stake

Despite having denied wanting to be part of the Iberia take over (still not consummated), BA has been quietly buying into Iberia. It has raised it's stake to 13.15% up from 10%. So why and why now?

Let's all speculate today. Its a slow news day in Europe, people are leaving early for their Easter Vacation. Your options are:

1. Its relatively cheap.
2. The EU consolidation race is hotting up again now the AZ race seems to have been resolved
3. TPG needs the help. There is not so much cash around to help Private Equity.
4. Olympic is too much of a basket case.
5. Because they can
6. I have no clue
7. The US consolidation season has ended and there is none so let's look at Europe
8. The real reason is ___________ (fill in the blank)
9. Some of the above
10. All of the above.

Answers please on 100 Euro bills.

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