05 April 2008

American (AA) finally joins epay - but with a twist

American has finally decided that it can make money from those people who dont want to use credit cards or those people that would prefer a more direct relationship. They are now prepared to accept direct debit via electronic check when buying tickets on the airline’s Web site, AA.com.

“We continue to enhance our AA.com site to make it an unequaled resource for travel planning and trip purchases,” said Derek DeCross, American’s Managing Director – Interactive Marketing. “By adding the ability to pay for tickets with electronic checks, we’re offering customers more choice and greater control over the purchase process. Electronic checks are another example of our focus on making it even easier to do business with American Airlines.”

Now some would say that the process of doing business with AA is not exactly the easiest. (Try deciding you don't want to be an Aadvantage member). But give them some marks for trying this approach. Still there are no airlines yet accepting Google Checkout. I cannot for the life of me understand why. Several airlines (EG Northwest and Southwest) are already using Paypal.

Unfettered and secure financial instruments are needed to power the web to greater heights.



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