10 April 2008

Blogging is being regulated -Perhaps a good idea?

I would not regard myself as a "professional" blogger. The actual business of blogging has come under scrutiny recently and perhaps a good thing. We try to adhere to journalistic standards by separating rumour from fact and fact from opinion. However I am (personally) not a professionally trained journalist. So if we err - we publicly apologize. If we get it wrong then we try and correct the blog where the error has occurred.

It is now an official crime in the UK to publish fake blogs. The UK does not have a 1st Amendment right as the US. So effective May 28th the Sony "All I want for Christmas is a PS3" flog will be illegal. We understand that this would make lonelygirl15 also a crime if there is a commercial element to it. Flogging itself (Fake blogging - gotta love the term) was already outlawed in the European Community effective the first of this month (April) 2008.

There was some stir recently about the adverse health side effects of blogging. Well people need to get over that!

What this shows is that the practise has become so pervasive that it needs to be put under the scrutiny of the legislators. That is not a bad thing. I just hope that the blogging community respond appropriately.

Blogging is not journalism - but it is a valid form of information source. In my case I hope that this leads to enlightenment and that knowledge is gained as a result of what myself and the others of T2Impact have garnered and wish to share.



PS reminder. The comments expressed here are that of T2Impact who is solely responsible for its content. We promise to deliver as accurate information as we can. We welcome comments. If you wish to use us - please attribute with PRIOR permission. Mostly because I want to make sure that you are fully armed with the appropriate info. We also try not to get on our soap box too often.

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