07 April 2008

Correction - G2 goes to Travelport not Amadeus

Despite earlier rumours to the contrary - my sources were not completely accurate. The deal for G2 which includes winding it up - goes to Travelport. Apparently there was a discussion between Amadeus and G2 but it didn't conclude.

So the G2 workstation will become the standard replacement now for both the Worldspan and Galileo solutions. This represented a significant portion of the development of G2 but much more went into the back end. Sadly this means those assets will likely fall by the way side.

The biz team has been largely dismissed and the tech team will be shrunk. As it is now an asset sale rather than a take over it is unlikely the airlines will see their investment recovered at all. The investors too are unlikely to get anything when the company is wrapped up. For Alex and crew this is sad.

For the Airlines this is even sadder. It shows that they have been thwarted again by the GDS in their efforts to control distribution. I will take a bet that says the total GDS bill for a legacy carrier will actually INCREASE in 2008 over 2007 and prior years.

With 3 of the 4 original GNEs, Patheo, G2 and ITA out of the GNE business - Revelex will still be there for Tour Operating but basically Farelogix is the sole surviving player of the original group.

GNEs RIP 2008

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