10 April 2008

HRGs Milky Bar Kid rides off... maybe

Mike Platt is leaving Hoggs - excuse me the HRG Group. After a long and illustrious career in the UK Travel market - he will ride off in the sunset. Most people who have been round long enough will actually remember Mike as the original (I believe) Milky Bar Kid.

Perhaps Mike is getting out at a good time. Last month is was revealed that a sister company controlled by the same owning family as BCD Holdings had grabbed more than 10% of HRG. This could be interpreted as the canny Dutchman JFVV is looking to consolidate again. This may see the reconstruction of BTI. Do remember the last time he took a stake in a competitor it was in Navigant which some say precipitated the tectonic shift in TMCs a few years back.

Mike is coming to join the ranks of the Unemployed (er I mean Consultants) so expect him to start showing up at conferences and the like. Perhaps now he will take the gloves off ;-)

Congrats Mike! Are the Milky Bars still on you?



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