27 April 2008

Hurray! Someone is listening. CO rejects UA and US.

Larry Kellner and the Houston Oilers are to be congratulated - no urge to merge this time around.

Staying independent is now a prudent course. Merging with a bigger United or a sick US Airways might lead to Houston losing another home team.

Let's hope AMR seems this the same way and doesn't pursue either of the ugly sisters.

The WSJ is speculating that AMR will attempt to persuade CO to jump from Skyteam to OneWorld. CO was careful to leave that door very publicly open. Of course Star would benefit enormously if they dumped at least one of the two sick US airlines and replaced them with CO. With two transatlantic hubs (EWR and IAH) CO is a better bet than either UAL or US for Star.

Interesting... curiouser and curiouser.

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