18 April 2008

"I'M NOT DEAD YET" G2Switchworks

Denying reports of its demise as premature - Alex and Co are still in fact working and processing tickets. This is reported today by Travel Weekly.

So despite the similarities from Spamalot, the business is operating with just a skeleton crew.

The core GDS piece is still available for sale. With the benefit of Monday morning hindsight - it is actually a shame that they lost. Alex and crew should be proud of themselves for what they accomplished. However it was an inappropriate decision to develop the tool the way they did.

For a true GNE to emerge it has to challenge the core precepts of the GDS model not recast it. This means that complex things like Automated Refunds should not be a high priority. Rather the system needs to be able to operate profitably at a cost structure below $1 per reservation selling price. At the same time it has to offer the whole package of connectivity and distribution capability. That is not a trivial matter even with the smart crew that Alex has/had around him.

So for the benefit of all - it means:

A fares engine with full pricing
An availability server
A fabulous search engine
A PNR container and management system
A full BI set.

Basically nothing else should be touched.

Ladies and Gents - start your engines and call me when you are ready.



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