07 April 2008

Jafri at it again files another patent that will cause grief

NOTE: only read this post if you are a true believer in the US Constitution's First Ammendment protection of Free Speech.

Sometimes it is easy to see how the patent system has become such a mockery of Intellectual Property protection.

The following Patent PCT/US2007/003275 SYSTEM FOR AND METHOD OF PROVIDING TRAVEL-RELATED SERVICES was filed by CFARES in February 2007 - a Jafri Company. It was published in August last year. The public abstract should immediately give you clue as to its intentions: A traveler provides parameters (e.g., origin, destination, price, date, departure time) for purchasing a ticket. The price may be below the established airline price. A calculation is provided of parameters (e.g., prices, dates, time) of flights of airlines traveling between the origin and the destination. A comparison is made between the parameters of the traveler and parameters of the airline flight. When the comparison matches or almost matches, the traveler is notified, and is given a specified time (e.g. 24-hours) to accept the flight The traveler may pay the airline's established price. The traveler receives a coupon or voucher for the price reduction. The traveler redeems this coupon or voucher at an airline ticket office or at agencies identified by the airline.

Someone needs to challenge this as a prime example (in my humble opinion) of the poor manner in which the US patent system is being used. You have been warned.

To see the whole filing use any patent system viewer or go here:


You have been warned.

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