29 April 2008

Regionals and ACMI operators starting to look a little thin.

The surprise bid by Skywest for ExpressJet over the weekend - and the subsequent speed with which it was rejected is likely to be a harbinger of more upheaval in the market.

ExpressJet has been struggling since former parent CO cut back on its hours. Running a lite operation on its own was perhaps not the smartest move but they are still trying. Best of luck to them. I think they are going to need it. That said their value jumped on Friday and has stayed up on Monday and Tuesday. It means someone is in the hunt.

Republic is looking less than its normal robust self. With warning bells being sounded. Previously it looked like the Commuter ACMI operator could do no wrong. Now some of the aircraft asset owners are getting jittery.

Frankly as we have written before the current ACMI Pay for Play models are going to change which makes the whole sector look less appetizing.

And then there is Mesa. Will someone please put this puppy out of its misery!

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