05 May 2008

BAA - How to make a bad situation worse LHR new carry-on policy

If you thought BAA was just the text book example of how not to do things - think again. They have instituted a new policy at LHR which is bound to drive even more passengers away.

After the debacle at T5 and the previous collapse of the baggage system (actually on going) at T4, one thing you would not want to do is to increase the amount of bags going through the baggage system. Well guess again.

As of this week BAA has implemented a NEW policy of draconian proportions in carry-on bags.

BRAVO BAA! No this is not the UK Dept. of Transportation, No this is not the airlines, YES this IS BAA.

It doesn't matter if you are an economy or premium traveler. What works everywhere else in the world - is no longer allowed at LHR.

If you don't believe me - I do have some nice pictures.



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