14 May 2008

Boeing to Airbus - I feel your plane pain

So it seems the Gremlins have left Everett and moved back into Toulouse. Airbus announced yesterday - formally - that the move to Wave 2 production will be delayed. This will slow the delivery rate until at least 2011 maybe further.

The biggest impact will be felt at Emirates.

For the rest of the customers - this may not be such a bad thing given the current likely over-capacity of the market.

Still it shows, this stuff is REALLY hard. Boeing is feeling the pain too and while things are getting better - the chances of a simple 15 month delay are remote. For some customers the 787 delivery schedule will stretch into a 30 month delay for some of their equipment.

Boeing should seriously consider new build 767-300/400 passenger types. Airbus is purring along with A330 deliveries. If you are desperate they can give you an early slot on A340s.



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