28 May 2008

Delta joins the Paypals

It seems that someone is listening. We have long advocated the broadening of payment options (we call it financial fulfilment) by established vendors in the Travel and Tourism marketplace. With Northwest and Southwest last year accepting Paypal as a form of payment we now see Delta joining the fold.

Credit cards represent one of the last major controllable cost elements for an airline. Therefore turning to alternative forms of payment keeps a competitive environment. With Visa and Mastercard now public, American Express remains a giant in the charge card space and now Diners Club USA has been acquired by Discover - we see a level of competition and of course PROFIT in the market. This will result in upward pressure of the costs/prices. Airlines have been a cash cow for credit card vendors for many years. Now they are finding alternative solutions.

So chaps - you got this far - what about Google Checkout!!!



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