28 May 2008

Is Windows Vista really Windows Millenium revisited?

Well it just may be according to reports from the press.

The leaks are just starting about Windows 7. ( maybe I missed one but I counted only 5 but no matter).

Clearly Vista has not lived up to Microsoft's expectations and of course for the few of us who bought (and paid for) Vista Ultimate - it has been a huge disappointment. It has had about the same impact as Millennium. Which was pretty bad.

That said I wont give up Vista now and go back to XP. I saw a demo of the Table computing. It is VERY cool. I even spoke with a person who has actually played with it. CSI Miami is just a mere understudy. The wall or table versions are almost here. The real thing could be even cooler.

So brace yourselves... we are two years away from No 7. Perhaps I will wait for #9.



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