28 May 2008

Religion and the GDS world

Seems we now have religion as a GDS decision criteria.

Sabre announced that the Vatican has selected the GDS to bring the Faithful and presume ably keep them in line with catholic behavior. The AACO representing a secular and non-secular carrier list has selected Amadeus from Jan 1 2009 kicking out Travelport's Galileo in the process.

So now I understand that the Buddhists, the Hindus and the Protestants (especially the Southern Baptists) are going to select their GDS's in the near future. Not to be outdone there is a rumour that John Travolta and Tom Cruise on behalf of the Scientologists are going to personally hold an RFP and interview candidates.

I want to squash any rumours that we have been involved in any of these talks.



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