20 May 2008

So Willie gives up his bonus

I may have been too hard on the gentleman from Ireland.

He has foresworn the proposed GBP700,000 bonus he would have received this year based on BA's performance.

BA's record profits do not mask however a number of fundamental issues facing BA. The airline as I have noted before faces tough times ahead and much of this of BA's own making and therefore it is Willie's Watch.

The airline faces several immediate challenges. The (in my view) short sighted approach to the new daughter company "OpenSkies" airline is stirring labour unrest at a time when the airline does not need it. The loss of core low cost regional markets with GB Airways and BMED leaving the fold is hurting BA. It is almost to the point of asking yourself what is left of the old BEA?

There will be more blood.

Perhaps the airline should revert back to its old moniker - British OVERSEAS Airways Corp - BOAC.



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