13 May 2008

Willie's Follies

Oh to be Willie Walsh. To have your PR department formally issue a statement saying that you are not going must be ignominious at best and soul destroying at worst. At a time when the airline should be on top of its game, Willies Follies are not coming out into public. Let’s enumerate them:

1. Letting BMED go. What a toe stubbing exercise #1
2. Letting GB Airways go. What a toe stubbing exercise #2
3. T5 the calculated risk – UGH (more in the future on T5 as I have just experienced its wonders).
4. Focusing on top end yield and then screwing up the Gold Members (more on this in my T5 story)
5. Refusing to pressure BAA at a time when they should have done to improve LHR
6. OpenSkies. The way to guarantee a fight with the pilots. Bravo Willie
7. A318 service LCY-JFK
8. The cargo scandal
9. Etc etc

As a shareholder and as Gold Card holder, I can tell you I am not happy. The litany of mistakes under Willie’s watch is palpable. The morale among the staff is very poor. So Willie – go back to Ireland. We need someone who can do a man’s job. Come back Jerry – we need you at BA since you did such a good job with Delta. Oh wait – he probably has a non-compete. Then come back Sir Rod…..

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