26 June 2008

Airlines detail specifics about cuts in service

United released its story to the public. Being the most detailed amongst the airlines that have announced cuts - United today announced that they would cut service at several airports and include at least one international route.

LHR-DEN will be dropped effective the fall season. Despite being only started in March, it leaves BA as the sole incumbent on the route. However LH now operates 2 flights a day MUC and FRA to DEN.

United will further drop service at 2 South Florida airports, FLL and PBI. So far the only increase in service has been announced for Direct Hawaii markets. United is clearly not shifting resources around.

We believe that United will announce even further cuts.

American has announced major cutbacks at its hubs. Having previously announced a significant scale down of service out of Puerto Rico - today it announced at several hubs would be cut back with reductions in both mainline and commuter service. Perhaps one of the hardest hit will be STL where in recent years AA has dropped almost all mainline flights in favor of American Eagle service. Southwest must be sending bottle of bourbon to Mr Arpey in gratitude.

It is not getting better folks

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