02 June 2008

Ayling to BAA - Don't expand LHR

Robert Ayling who was ousted from BA in 2000 as its head, has entered the fray on the BAA breakup and expansion of LHR.

His alternative proposal is to expand either Gatwick or Stansted.

His logic is based on the supposition that the Hub and Spoke model is dead. He may have a point. However the UK needs Heathrow no matter what and the airport is at overcapacity. So unless someone comes up with an idea that will anchor a new airport in the Thames in 15 years at the same landing fees as LHR then I don't think this is going to be anything more than a pipe dream.

The LHR airport expansion with a new third runway is vital to the UK. In 15 years time (the minimum time to build it) the problems of the UK will be severe without the runway.

Just my 2 cents.

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