27 June 2008

Confused about fees? Bo so no longer... The T2 Challenge

Rick at the excellent site - FareCompare.com - has done the leg work for you. So here is a challenge for someone to build a solution for the consumer.

With the airlines doing such a great job of confusing everyone with their messages and changes - it is good to know you have a resource to go and help you check the REAL add on price to the basic "Fare" for your flight.

Since an all in price no longer exists - then you need to know what is what. Rick's chart does that for you. With grateful thanks and kudos to Michele McDonald of TTU - the last true newsletter for Reservation System geeks - for pointing this out to me and boos to ASTA net for hiding this behind their firewall.

Here is the link:


Now all we need is some smart alec to put this into an interactive format and then make it available as a mashup and put it into a meta search engine and the airlines will be in serious crapola.

I will award ANYONE who does this a bottle of fine wine or a $25.00 paypal voucher for you to buy - on proof of delivery. If the coder doesn't do it - I will award the bottle to the first person who sends me the link (and of course assuming that it works).

Let me know.... there has to be some bright spark who is already working on it (actually I know because one of my spies told me) BUT this is for the first person who can demonstrate a live version on the web.

Full conditions? Choose any 8 airlines and 2 scenarios from Rick's table that show all the fees. One of the airlines has to be Southwest.



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