26 June 2008

FlyDubai announced today!

The world's newest LCC got its naming rights today and like its surrogate parent Emirates - it promises to change the way we see airline offerings in this case LCCs.

It is expected that FlyDubai will launch its first flights "by mid-2009." FlyDubai will initially focus on regional flights within the GCC area and surrounding countries. Its operations will be completely "separate from Emirates Airline and Group."

Ghaith al Ghaith, the designated Chief Executive of FlyDubai said since the government announced the formation of Dubai's new low cost airline in March, "We are recruiting for key positions, evaluating aircraft options and routes, working out our pricing and distribution strategy, and putting in place the structure and operational resources for the business."

Watch for some key announcements in the coming weeks about the first routes - FlyDubai will potentially cover a market of "2 billion people". Wow that's one heck of a lot. So I am assuming that we are talking a focus on Regional as they stated and this screams India as the prime target. So I am going to suggest that the market is India and the MENA area as the geographic focus. However that is pure speculation on my part so don't read anything else into it! It does tell us who they see as competition, namely it is Air Arabia and Jazeera as key targets.

Best of luck guys. Lets hope you are true to the model! It could really make a huge change in the flows of traffic. If I was sitting in the LCCs of India as well as Air Arabia and Jazeera - I would be pretty nervous.



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